Green Week 2015

Good news – BTN and partners Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and other groups will be holding another Green Week in 2015, because this year’s was so successful.  Dates: 19th to 27th September 2015.

Do you or does your organisation want to take part?  Let us know:

And we are looking for a volunteer co-ordinator – please contact if you are interested.  Details below.


Green Week – We want your Feedback!

A great big thank you to all those who helped organise this – particularly Serena, Malc and Lucy.  It wouldn’t have happened without these wonderful people.

Now – we need your feedback!  What did you enjoy most about Green Week?  Which activities did you go to?  Were they well attended?  Which didn’t you go to, and why not?  We are planning next year’s Green Week and we want to offer more of what you would like to see to make our Borough greener and encourage people towards the transition to a greener lifestyle all round.


To remind yourself of the 23 amazing events see Green Week Programme

BTN’s next Social

… Monday 28th September 2014, 6.30-7.30 pm, Tea Bar, London St.  BTN is going to GET BUSY!  We have five themes:

Enterprising Basingstoke;

Low-Carbon Basingstoke;

Habitable Basingstoke;

Resourceful Basingstoke;

Natural Basingstoke;

Now we need THREE volunteers, a leader and two supporters, for EACH THEME, to be inspired by the theme and co-ordinate our work towards it.

We also need a CHAIR, a person with vision for the whole of BTN; and to help them, a SECRETARY to organise business meetings and take minutes, a TREASURER to solicit grants, receive donations and pay expenses; a NEWSLETTER EDITOR to prepare our MailChimp e-newsletter; a WEBSITE and SOCIAL MEDIA officer to promote our work electronically; and a GREEN WEEK CO-ORDINATOR for next year’s Green Week (taking place in September 2015).  Of course any of these jobs can be shared!


See you at our exciting Social!

Sign the petition to preserve Saunders Field

The petition to “decouple Saunders Field from unconsulted development” is at

It is important for the Council to show that together we can improve water collection, conservation, enhancement and extraction within an accessible natural green space for conservation and leisure.  This would also satisfy the UK Environment Agency EU Water Framework Directive delivery expressed within a Loddon Catchment Based Approach River Basin Managment Plan.



BTN response to Council’s Local Plan

BTN members submitted the following responses to the proposed Local Plan by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council.

local plan submission by member of BTN

comments by another member, 3 Oct 2013


The draft Plan is available at:

In addition, members of BTN attended the meetings of the Council Planning and Infrastructure Oversight and Scrutiny Committee on 14th November and 30th January, and made the following points:

1. The targets for house building in the Plan cannot be met unless the disposal of sewage for the borough is radically re-thought, e.g. with anaerobic digestion and reed beds;

2. Environmental assessments of planned developments should be commissioned independently of the developers, although paid for by them;