Climate Coalition and the Low Carbon Communities Network Big Conference

28th to 29th March in London

Climate Change: New directions for local action

The Climate Coalition (CC) and the Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN) are to hold a major conference in London over the weekend of March 28 / 29th 2015. This will bring together people from local action groups across the UK with national NGOs as well as local government and support agencies.


We invite you to help shape this event and to take part. The next year will be a critical one for work on climate change in the UK. The general election and the UN Paris conference will be key events, while issues round divestment, fracking, and renewable energy will also be focal points for action.


Action at a local level will be an essential part of this work. The conference will focus on:

  • Activities around the election and Paris 2015
  • New issues such as divestment and climate justice
  • Building skills and meeting the needs of local organisations
  • Building better links between grass roots groups, NGOs and other agencies.

The conference is free to attend and takes place at University College London, starting at 1.30pm on Saturday 28th and ending at 3pm on Sunday 29th. All delegates are invited to a celebration party near the event on Saturday evening.

Registration is online – follow links from:

More information is available – email:


Green Week update

Our plans for Green Week are advancing fast.  We want to build on our highly successful publicity and sales stalls in Castle Square in 2014 by moving to Festival Place and maybe having a popup shop.  If you want to be in on this exciting opportunity in Basingstoke’s most popular attraction, come and join us now.  Our next business meeting is on Tuesday 3rd March at 7.00 pm in the Innovation Centre, Norden House, Basing View RG21 4HG; and our next social meeting is at the Tea Bar at 6.30 pm on Monday 23rd February.

We are also looking for a secretary or treasurer (I will do one but I can’t do both!) and a website/social media officer.  Contact if you are interested.

Green Week is supported by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council

Supported by BDBC Logo Black & Pantone 294


Cycling activities and workshops

The new year starts out with good news for cyclists and would-be cyclists from My Journey Hampshire which is that they have organised “pedal2gether” rides, workshops for cycle maintenance and some drop-in “bike doctor” sessions at Popley Community Centre.  See flyer here 97683BasingstokeBikeHubA5-2ppHi61f.

They are even offering free fitted bike lights, in January and subject to availability, so hurry up!  I love cycling, even in January, and I hope you will, too.



Christmas with the Local Plan

Basingstoke Transition Network wishes you a happy Christmas 2014 and a new year 2015 full of fulfilled good resolutions!

Some of our brave members and friends went to the 11th December meeting between Basingstoke Council members and the Local Plan Inspector, Mike Fox (appointed by the Secretary of State).  Three spoke and pushed our points:

  • Enough low-carbon-emission housing for the projected growth of households;
  • A carefully-considered cycling plan;
  • Preservation of biodiversity, green spaces and country park in the Manydown estate;

Maria Miller MP was also present and aired concern about the plan’s effect on the pollution level of the River Loddon.

The inspector’s summary mostly emphasised his concern that the Council has underestimated the need for housing, and that the plan is not sustainable.  For the full report and his subsequent letter setting out his points, go to


The Water Garden, Hamsphire – crowdsourcing appeal

Many of you will already be aware of the The Water Garden’s crowdfunder campaign for an aquaponic farm in Hampshire.

If you haven’t or need a reminder, they have made a handy video that explains it all in around two minutes. Check here. <link->

Founded by biologists, Alan Walker and James Lyon, The Water Garden claims to be able to grow more food but for less of an environmental impact.

This kind of sustainable intensification <link-> of agriculture is considered a solution to future challenges for our food system. More so many have questioned whether it is even possible <link- >. The pair hope to develop a model of a commercial aquaponic farm that proves a ‘sustainably intensive’ farm could work, “by growing more food while giving back to nature”.

Be Revolutionary!

Many of us have already pledged and since launching on December 1st The Water Garden has reached £1370 of their £10,000.

Alan wanted to say:

“Thanks to everyone that has pledged already, the support has been great. Crowdfunding only works if you share your good deed, so remember, tell everyone about it.”

For those that haven’t pledged, the closing date is 25th December. They have got some great looking rewards, so get in before it’s too late.

Oh, it’s all or nothing- if they don’t reach their £10,000 total they don’t receive a thing.

Together we could help budge them closer to their target.

You can learn more and pledge at their crowdfunding page. < link->

Discover what else the pair are doing check out their website. <link->

Alan Walker, The Water GardenFBadwatergarden612c

Green Week 2015

Good news – BTN and partners Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and other groups will be holding another Green Week in 2015, because this year’s was so successful.  Dates: 19th to 27th September 2015.

Do you or does your organisation want to take part?  Let us know:

And we are looking for a volunteer co-ordinator – please contact if you are interested.  Details below.


Green Week – We want your Feedback!

A great big thank you to all those who helped organise this – particularly Serena, Malc and Lucy.  It wouldn’t have happened without these wonderful people.

Now – we need your feedback!  What did you enjoy most about Green Week?  Which activities did you go to?  Were they well attended?  Which didn’t you go to, and why not?  We are planning next year’s Green Week and we want to offer more of what you would like to see to make our Borough greener and encourage people towards the transition to a greener lifestyle all round.


To remind yourself of the 23 amazing events see Green Week Programme